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Taking Care of Me 8-pc Bundle

Experience the entire IKNOW product collection for beautiful skin with our 8-pc set that treats your skin to our full day to night routine.

Included in this bundle:

Day Skincare Products

    Night Skincare Products

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 55 reviews
    Earlnessea Rogers
    Still waiting on order as of 4-4-2024

    I have not received my order as of yet! Placed on March 21st.

    Please contact our office M-F from 9-5 at 443-319-5359 so that we can take care of this issue.

    Thank you for your support,
    The IKNOW Skincare Team

    Love my 4qrt look!

    I was introduced to these products in July of last year and I'm telling you they are best I have ever used! I didn't really know the extent of of it how good they were until I was standing in a line at UPs and this lady said your skin is beautiful ! and I didn't have make up on because I just made that quick run but baby ! When she said that I just said I know! then I had to tell her thank you at the same time and tell her the product name is Iknow! Lol! I had another in counter with my girlfriend I only see once a year and when she see me she sees me with make up on and this time she say me ..and said Sandra your skin look so beautiful without makeup ! You don't even need it .I was so shock because if you know her like I do you would have been shocked to lol!! Germaine you have done the damn thang!! So thank you so much for this continued beautiful look in the 4th qtr of my life!! See you in DC in Sept.! Love you beautiful Black Woman !

    We are so excited when our IKNOW Family shares the compliments they receive on their skin. We really wanted to create a skincare line that helped everyone to develop a new relationship with thier skin. We love that others can see the 'IKNOW GLOW'

    Thank you so much for your support and we will see you in September!

    The IKNOW Skincare Team


    I love everything about these products. I've been looking for a skin care regimen and am so happy I saw these products in Sherri and Tamaran shows

    Danaira Eddins

    wonderful skin looks more vibrant. the discoloration is fading. my only issue is that the plum oil and the toner got low very fast, despite me using them sparingly.

    We are excited about the results you are experiencing. The plum oil can be measured with the dropper. However if you have concerns feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you.

    Thank you for your support!
    The IKNOW Skincare Team

    Great Products

    Have been using the products for a year. Love it my skin is hydrated and looks great!!

    Wow we are so excited about your results and appreciative that you shared them with us. Thank you for your support !

    Have an amazing day,
    The IKNOW Skincare Team