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Pro-Aging and the Changing Needs of Your Skin

We all know that we can’t stop aging! It is simply a part of life. IKNOW sees the aging process in a realistic and positive way and knows it is inevitable that we are evolving every day. How we manage the changes in our skin and our life in general will reflect the outcome of how we feel inside and out.


The Maturing Skin Journey

The reality is that the skincare industry can sometimes promote an ageist and shameful narrative of growing older. They have defined how we should age, what we should do to combat it instead of embracing it. The terms alone can be stifling on your confidence and the ability to be your best self.

We believe the difference between anti-aging and pro-aging is a mindset.  Anti-aging is dedicated to slowing down a natural process whereas pro-aging is proactive and directed towards balance while working with tools to infuse moisture, antioxidants, and cell turnover to keep skin vibrant and radiant.  IKnow is dedicated to making sure you give your skin the levels of moisture and support to regenerate and build your skin to its greatest potential.


Tools for growing gracefully

Speaking of pro-aging, let’s delve into some beauty tools that support our pro-aging quest:

Protect your maturing skin from excessive sunlight with our Very Necessary SPF 40 that not only revitalizes skin and helps prevent sunburn, but is an emollient moisturizing cream. No shade here, this emollient moisturizer goes on smooth with no ashy cast and keeps the skin firm soft and supple.


African American woman with IKNOW SPF 40 Cream


Moisturize with our Night Cap for overnight regeneration. Our retinol cream absorbs easily and helps to improve cell renewal and produces a vibrant glow to wake up to every morning.


African American woman applying IKNOW Night Cap Retinol Cream


When treating your skin, boost and stimulate the production of collagen while reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation with Cellular Retreat!


Multicultural woman applying IKNOW Cellular Retreat Plum Oil


Get on your pro-aging grind and continue to shine bright like a diamond.  Pro-aging is a way to both embrace and care for your skin as well as maintain the progressive narrative that proves that the win always take place in the 4th quarter!

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