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IKNOW Skincare Celebrates 2nd Anniversary on The Tamron Hall Show



Germaine Bolds-Leftridge, the visionary founder behind IKNOW Skincare Treatment Solutions, recently made a captivating guest appearance on The Tamron Hall Show.


During her time on the show, Germaine shared her inspiring journey of creating a skincare line with a singular focus: empowering women over the age of fifty.
Germaine's story is one of strength, courage, and determination. For years, she held onto the dream of launching a skincare brand for mature women but was held back by her own apprehensions. It wasn't until almost three years ago, when she tragically lost her mother to cancer, that Germaine realized the importance of embracing life and pursuing her passions without hesitation.

Speaking on The Tamron Hall Show, Germaine stated, "You cannot understand that level of loss until you're in it. I tried to take that pain and make it my power. I wanted to make sure that she would live forever through this brand called IKNOW."


Through her appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, Germaine has further illuminated the path toward redefining beauty, instilling self-confidence, and celebrating the beauty that comes with age.

















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