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IKNOW IMMERSE Pure Neroli Hydrosol Aromatic Mist

Purify your pores without stripping your skin with a calming botanical fragrance perfect if used alone as a toner, or in place of water to activate the ME FIRST Plum Enzyme Powder Cleanser for a therapeutic cleanse. MORE DETAILS

Use daily as a skin cleanser, toner, hydrator, and make-up remover.

Every morning and evening, on clean skin, mist your face and pat dry. Use IMMERSE to activate the ME FIRST cleanser. Mist your entire body after a bath or shower to waken and refresh your skin. Allow the product to absorb into the skin and gently pat dry. Follow with CELLULAR RETREAT, GLOW BOOSTER and VERY NECESSARY.

Our neroli hydrosol mist is distilled from the Moroccan fragrant blossoms of orange trees. The Moroccan variety possesses the fresh floral sweetness of orange flower and warm, green notes.


Its soothing properties help promote skin regeneration, improve skin elasticity while it’s calming properties instantly uplifts one’s mood.

IMMERSE ingredients work synergistically to:

  • • Clean and exfoliate the skin
  • • Purify pores without stripping the skin of its natural oils
  • • Naturally cleanse the skin
  • • Tighten pores

100% Pure Neroli Oil (Citrus Aurantium Amara Flower, Water)

CAUTION: For external use only. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of the reach of children.

Natural, powerful ingredients.

Neroli Hydrosol Mist

Distilled from the Moroccan fragrant blossoms of orange trees, its soothing properties help promote skin regeneration and improve skin elasticity.

Customer Reviews

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joanne garcia
Order not fulfilled

Still waiting for Cellular retreat. Ask me again once my initial order is filled.

Hi Joanne,

I am so sorry that you are still waiting on your CELLULAR RETREAT. You will not be disappointed in the product's efficacy. The out of stock situation happened because I thought I ordered the bottles...and found out at the last minute that I had not. The product will start to get bottled next Friday, June 9th. We will work that Saturday to start sending out the orders. We are going to do something special for the people that had to wait for this amazing product. Thank you for your patience and support!

Rebecca Reed
Essential daily spritz

I love the refreshing scent and feel after I wash my face.

Hi Rebecca,

I am so glad that you are loving the IMMERSE. The product is so refreshing. Your support means a lot to me. Thank you for being YOU!

All The Best!

Germaine Bolds-Leftridge
Creator, IKNOW Skincare Treatment Solutions

Dee Player

This is a very refreshing mist for your body, face and hair. I love the smell.

Hi Dee,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review. I am super excited that you loving one of my favorite items...IMMERSE. Thank you for your support!

All the Best!

Germaine Bolds-Leftridge
Creator, IKNOW Skincare Treatment Solutions

Best skin care product I’ve ever used

Nothing else to say except buy it!!

Hi Rona,

I am just shaking my head writing this response. Your review is so kind and thoughtful. We are working hard to create the best products that deliver results. If you use it will work for you. Please let us know if you ever have any questions or concerns. We always want to hear from you. Continue to live your best life right now!

Thank you so much!

Germaine Bolds-Leftridge
Creator, IKNOW Skincare Treatment Solutions

Thelma Burt

Works as a cleanser, toner and mist. Great product.